that has functionality and celebration of community at the forefront of every design decision in structures that range from large public projects to small local fire stations. 

From urban space to the suburbs, creating civic and cultural architecture has many faces. From entertainment to security, they symbolize the community. They are diverse. They can exude strength and protection or entertainment and hospitality. They must project good stewardship of the community’s citizenship, physical environment, financial and cultural resources. At RdM Architecture, we ask them too to be good citizens and represent our commitment to each other, its visitors and its users. Our civic and cultural buildings should reflect pride, be thought provoking, celebrate history or simply a sense of place while expressing a collaborative vision of confidence and hopefulness for the future.

Allow us to join you in an exploration of your vision that results in a successful dynamic partnership.


Civic architects that design beautiful settings for public spaces and projects.


29 years of civic design, master planning, and construction services.