When you’re contemplating the idea of a new project, an expansion, or redevelopment, please consider a firm that can help you identify all the intangibles as well as the physical attributes of such an undertaking. Understanding its potential from your marketing and financial goals, as well as its scale and scope, that project should ultimately maximize its potential on all levels. RdM Architecture is your first step.

Our Strategic and Facility Master Plan process will help your organization identify the best opportunities to maximize a site’s potential, orientation and accesses; dispose of antiquated buildings; to increase utilization of older assets or to grow current facilities without jeopardizing Flexibility, Adaptability and Scalability.

RdM proposes an integrated 5-step process that will involve different levels of key stakeholders in order to create the most complete and Comprehensive Strategic and Master Plan. The solution developed will not only respond to the strategic goals identified by the client leadership, but be marketplace driven as well.

We will question the question, challenging the status quo and ascertaining solutions that span the real possibilities of alternative solutions. Allow us to join you in a successful journey!

“They helped us prioritize our needs within our budget.  They recommended an investigative phase that identified additional deficiencies and presented a full story of our needs and the projected costs for these items.”

-Steve Camp