Project Description

Interviewed and selected by the local board to do their new 6,000 SF store, RdM Architecture worked to design the building and place it on the lot to maximize visibility, create a voluminous sales area, create efficient and workable tractor trailer in/docking/out access, and customer/staff safety. Pursuing a design aesthetic that reached out to the historic brick furniture warehouses in town and coupling that with a bright contemporary glass entry and sign tower, the building boldly sits above the street and commands a presence. Introducing natural light above the bottle displays, it washes the warmly colored interior with its exposed wood and metal trusses and decking.

Key Features

-reclaimed brick used on the exterior with historically accurate mortar joints and design details

-site graded and building pad placed to minimize cut/fill and maximize parking and visibility

-site design utilized back access street to direct tractor trailer traffic in off the main street and through onto a less congested secondary street to access a traffic signal

-3,000 SF retail center and 3,000 SF of inventory and storage space

-controlled and secured second access point for commercial accounts

-single pitched roof allowed mezzanine for mechanical equipment, hot water heater and seasonal storage freeing up valuable floor space

-rear loading dock angled to minimize traffic trailer maneuvers and provide ease of access to delivery doors