Appalachian State University

Plemmons Student Union Renovations

With a budget of $1.2M, the University was looking to create two separate and distinctively unique multi-purpose spaces. The existing bowling alley on the lower level would become 4,000 SF of multi-purpose divisible event spaces and an existing outdated institutional looking study lounge was renovated to provide a more contemporary lounge and activity space. The project included upgraded electronic access, new HVAC systems to serve the change in use and filling in the massive void left by removal of the bowling alley’s recessed under the floor.

Blue Ridge Ballroom

  • New event space designed to meet clients needs of contemporary multi-functional activity including both formal and informal student socials, lectures, fashion shows, career fairs, conferences and club events
  • Lower level main event entrance was designed to provide a lobby buffer for large crowd gatherings and control
  • Multiple lighting sources and levels complimented the proposed various functions
  • New event space designed with multiple access points, motorized acoustical mobile wall system to divide the space into two self-sufficient spaces, each having its own podium backdrop
  • Podium backdrops designed to conceal and open for projection screens, write boards A/V controls and connections
  • Event spaces each included recessed motorized projectors
  • Custom light fixtures in corridor

White Water Lounge

  • Multi-level spaces create distinct areas for small and large parties or individual study during the day and various creative entertainment options at night in this 2,000 SF renovated space
  • Finishes, railings and ceiling treatments give the trendy industrial look for either day or night, quiet or loud events
  • Lighting levels and colors help accentuate the nightclub atmosphere 
  • A small stage was incorporated with additional A/V and lighting connections for music or other highlighted attractions
  • Other amenities include a service counter, ticket window and coolers for beverages