CHSNorthEast 3B Observation Unit

Located in a fast-growing suburb of Charlotte, this 450-bed hospital has operated without an observation unit taking licensed beds from available inventory. As its census was regularly bumping the ceiling of 100% occupancy, administration selected RdM Architecture to study a vacated unit (made up of the original 70-year-old hospital and two additions all with completely different structural systems) last housing a pediatric med-surg unit. A number of major issues were identified and preliminary budgets provided outlining those issues, maximum bed counts and design options. Administration evaluated the study and proposed options and renovation work proceeded resulting in a 23-bed single occupant unit alleviating some pressure on the system’ demand.

  • The entire 11,481 SF unit was analyzed to achieve the most cost-efficient scope, minimizing excessive changes, maximizing existing layout and systems while upgrading aesthetics and support spaces along with maximizing bed count
  • All new ceilings, LED lighting and HVAC distribution were incorporated for maximum results and code compliance
  • Med storage, nourishment room, staff lounge, dirty and clean storage, environmental services, dirty utility, nurse stations and staff offices were all reconfigured or expanded to meet client goals for efficiency and infectious disease controls
  • Woefully ill-conceived and non-compliant life safety, barrier management and smoke compartmentalization were analyzed and corrected working closely with local building officials, fire marshal and DHSR
  • 23 beds with direct room access to restrooms were woven into an effective plan giving consideration to multiple column grids and short spans.
  • Working closely with the contractor, and a very tight budget the team was still able to achieve savings of almost $77,000 bringing the project in under budget by 4%.
  • HVAC system serving this wing had exceeded its life expectancy and was uncovered in the pre-design noting its undersized capacity, air flow and fresh air
  • The penthouse atop the 4th floor housing the dated HVAC system had to be structurally modified and expanded to remove the old unit and support the new unit built in place on site