CMUD Engineering and Administration Building

This local water department engaged the firm to provide master planning services that included space, site and facility assessments, programming, schematic design, strategic planning and cost estimating for this outdated facility and rapidly growing staff and laboratory needs. The proposed design gave the c.1970s facility a badly needed image upgrade with a new entry and exterior access for the new lab and its pedestrian and vehicular traffic and parking. 

  • -Six months of assessments and programming uncovered a vast amount of critical space utilization deficiencies, opportunities and growth needs
  • Proposed recommendations included corporate standards for spaces of separate divisions within the department
  • Final reports and documents proposed a thorough renovation and reorganization of the existing 35,000 square foot facility and 35,000 square foot addition estimated at $3M for the renovation and $7M for the addition and site improvements
  • Addition included 6,000 SF of new lab space with the department planning to take all sampling and testing in house
  • Recommendations included a phased implementation beginning with the new addition and exterior improvements fooled by a organized progression through interior divisional renovations