Motorsports Management International

This two-story 40,000SF steel and glass structure for Motorsports Management International will be the ‘Charlotte NC’ headquarters for the NASCAR corporate consulting company. Located in the heart of Race City, USA (otherwise known as Mooresville NC) the building is a $3.5M contemporary statement design for this company offering management, legal and financial services to racing celebrities and drivers. The intricately designed office building will eventually house a multiple tenants including MMI on the first floor. The structure has a blue glass curtain wall system along with a centrally located all glass 2 story atrium. Along with this elegant space the interior includes an elliptical grand staircase as well as outdoor seating areas on the second level, an apparatus bay to allow vehicular access within the structure and athletic training center. The design form was derived from the triangular site it sits on. 

  • RdM Architecture provided site design, shell design and MMI’s corporate offices
  • Vehicular apparatus bay and driveway circulation allows storage for team recreational vehicles
  • Outdoor seating areas on the second level offer multiple tenants event and gathering space for entertaining or breaks from the daily office grind
  • Two-story glass building lobby and exterior doors were designed to accommodate NASCAR race cars on display on the first floor and be visible from all tenant spaces in the building
  • MMI tenant space designed with mobile glass partitions that open up the tenant lobby and conference room to create a larger event space for entertaining